Shannon's Vision



Public safety requires trust between the community and the DA’s office. Shannon will work hard to re-build that trust. Victims and their families often feel frustrated, unheard, and lost. As DA, Shannon will help them understand the system, navigate the system, and obtain services to address their pain and loss. Witnesses will no longer be threatened into testifying but rather directed to legal counsel to discuss their rights and obligations. For defendants, Shannon will end overcharging, inappropriate mandatory minimums, and high bails that cost enormous human damage. Instead, she will set the stage so defendants can freely exercise their rights.



Who you know or your zip code should not determine your fate in prosecution. Age, education, income, and race often results in a criminal justice system that works differently for different people. It’s time to start telling the truth about how inequalities impact every stage of prosecutorial decisions, influencing which victims garner attention, who is charged (and the severity of charges), who is offered plea deals, and who is offered rehabilitative versus punitive sentences. 



Shannon will transform an outdated DA’s office into a national model for efficiency, innovation, and fairness. She will lead a prosecutor’s office that works with a deeper understanding of why the system is not working fairly or effectively. They say if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Shannon will use measurement and data to ensure the right people are prosecuted for the right reasons, pursue smart alternatives to jail, minimize the use of cash bail, and ensure the net of civil forfeiture is narrowly defined.