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"Shannon is exactly the kind of DA that Suffolk County deserves, a realistic reformer who not only is a sharp legal mind and fighter for justice, but someone who has walked the walk when it comes to helping young people who have broken the law turn their lives around. There's more to public safety than just locking people up and throwing away the key, and as Suffolk DA, Shannon will prove she knows that." 

- Vincent Schiraldi is a senior researcher at Columbia University, former New York City Probation Commissioner and former Juvenile Justice Director of Washington, DC.

"I strongly endorse Shannon to be Suffolk D.A.  She knows the criminal justice system; she was a criminal defense lawyer for fourteen years in both the federal and state systems. And even more significant, she knows what it takes to reform it, to come to grips with real solutions to the system's most difficult problems and ask 'what works' to end recidivism and to promote public safety.  Case in point: Her extraordinary work at Roca for 3.5 years, dealing with adolescent men at risk for violence, the most complex problems of the criminal justice system. For Shannon, this position is not a political stepping stone; it is her life's work. There is no better candidate. "

- Nancy Gertner, United States District Court Judge (Ret.), Senior Lecturer at Harvard Law School

Tompkins Lauds McAuliffe as True Reformer, Life-Long Criminal Justice Advocate

BOSTON, March 22, 2018 – Suffolk County District Attorney candidate Shannon McAuliffe is kicking off her campaign today with a rally at Vintage Lounge and immediately collected the endorsement of Sheriff Steve Tompkins, who called McAuliffe “a life-long fighter for criminal justice reform. Shannon has spent her entire career fighting for people’s rights and for a fair and equitable justice system,” said Tompkins. “She wants to put an end to mandatory minimums, high bails and other predatory laws that trap people in the system for far too long. She sees the district attorney’s office the way I see the Sheriff’s Office – as not just a vehicle for punishment but one for creating second chances as well.” Tompkins said he and McAuliffe have been friends and allies for several years after they began to work on ways to develop comprehensive approaches to help inmates re-enter and prosper in society. “We call them wrap-around services – ways to help the whole person get ready for going back into day-to-day life on the outside and prospering,” he said. “Shannon could have stayed a lawyer or an academic but, as head of Roca for the area, she walked the walk when it came to helping people at risk. She’s the real deal.”

- Steve Tompkins, Suffolk County Sheriff

“McAuliffe is the one and only choice for District Attorney of Suffolk County.  She has the experience, expertise and ability to keep our streets safe for all our citizens while bringing an end to mass incarceration and promoting criminal justice reform.  She will bring badly needed reforms to our Criminal Justice system, changes that will actually save our taxpayer dollars.  McAuliffe has walked the walk with integrity, honesty and a commitment to equality for decades.  She knows from first-hand experience how our Criminal Justice system works, and how it can be improved.  I endorse her as the best choice for Suffolk County District Attorney.”

-kenneth r feinberg, brockton native, nationally-recognized high-profile lawyer, administrator of the september 11th victim compensation fund and one fund boston for marathon bombing victims 

"I have known Shannon McAuliffe for over 21 years. We first met when we were law students. Over the past two decades, I have watched her grow from a passionate and brilliant lawyer who practiced law in the courts of Suffolk County to a director of Roca, one the most innovative organizations in the nation. Roca has managed to reduce the recidivism rate of countless of young men through its rehabilitation program. Shannon is exactly the kind of District Attorney we need running the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. She will bring fresh ideas and real and long overdue reform to our criminal justice system. If you are outraged by the findings of the study in today's New York Times report, then this is where the solution begins. We need to elect candidates who not only talk about rehabilitation but who have done it, understand it, and are committed to doing the hard work! Please help elect Shannon by contributing to her campaign, spreading the word, and voting for her."

-Derege Demissie, Attorney, Partner at Demissie & Church, President MACDL

"Shannon was the first person at Roca to really see who I am and what I'm capable of. I am forever grateful and in her debt for that. She is a wizard at building people, teams, culture, and systems that shine. She is the only person I know that does the right thing 100% of the time even - and especially when - it's really hard. She is the reform that the justice system needs. She will move mountains."

- jen garcin, assistant director of training, roca

“Shannon is super patient, genuine, and kind while holding people accountable and pushing us to do the hard work.”

- taciane santos, program manager, roca

“Thank you for everything you have done for me. Without you I would be in jail.  Thank you for believing in me and giving me a second chance.”

- Roca Participant 

“Career, calling and purpose. This is what Shannon does, small as she is she has big ideas and with her focus she walks through the challenges in her environment!" 

- Participant at shannon's leadership in the 21st century course at the harvard kennedy school

“Truly amazing person and motivator to the tenth power!" 

- Participant at shannon's leadership in the 21st century course at the harvard kennedy school

"This woman helped me change my life when she was the program director at Roca. [...] If it wasn't for her I'd be still running the streets doing all the dumb stuff."

- roca participant